It’s still Saturday, so I think I’m still allowed to talk about geeky things!

While browsing through Dive Into Mark I came upon a link to Adam Kalsey’s SimpleComments plugin, which combines the commenting and TrackBack functionality of MovableType into a single interface. I haven’t used TrackBack much in the past, but this is probably as good a sign as any that I need to start.

So: all future posts will now accept trackback pings, and I may go back and enable them on older entries. The trackback URL will be available in the comments popup boxes as well as the individual entry archives pages. Speaking of which, does anyone know of a fast way of doing that? My poor wrists are already aching in anticipation!

Also, I need to thank Kevin Shay for his incredibly useful Compare plugin, which saved me from a big old mess of my own making.

The night is still young! Who knows what else I’ll implement before it’s all over?

  • mlee

    Hmm, surely there must an easy way to at least programmatically do the equivalent in the Berkeley DB version. If someone doesn't know the answer to this, perhaps I'll have to dig around.

  • TheCheerfulOne

    Oh crap, my cat just did a nosedive into my washing machine... uh, SAS logic checks won't help at this point.

  • If you are using MySQL, you can easily emable trackback for all your previous posts.

    Run this SQL statement on your database:

    UPDATE mt_entry SET entry_allow_pings = 1 WHERE entry_blog_id = 1

    (Change the blog id number to the correct ID for your blog.)

    Then open the Edit Entries screen in MT. Click Power Editing Mode and change the number of entries displayed to 125. Click save. Once the entries have been saved (it might take a couple of minutes), click for the next set of entires and save those. Continue this until all your entries have been saved.

    Then add the trackback tags to your templates and rebuild your site.

    Now all your entries will have TrackBack enabled.

  • Jim

    Cool. But what I'd really like is a central interface to keep track of all the blog-comment conversations I'm currently participating in, that collects all the responses and presents them in a threaded fashion, and allows me to reply right from that interface.

    Is that too much to ask? :)

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