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Ildebrando Pizzetti, Due composizione corali (1961):

I. “Il giardino di Afrodite”
II. “Piena sorgeva la luna”

  • joey

    i was reminiscing about my old choir days, and while looking up some of the pieces my choir did on a concert i was listening to, i found your site. i was a member of the university of mississippi concert singers, and we performed piena at the guiseppe verdi competition in salsomaggiore, italy in 1998 (that same summer we competed in and also won the 10th gran premio europeo di canto corale, but we used completely different programs for the two competitions). i was wondering who the performers were on these recordings you've posted, and also if you had the translations for these pieces (i can't find any of my programs from that year). thanks for the mp3s.

  • Darn it! Yum.

  • I love these. They also go especially well with talking rain ginger ale.

  • Loliinspired

    "Il giardino di Afrodite" was very beautiful.

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