Yatsuhashi KitKats



Yatsuhashi KitKats

Shogoin yatsuhashi are crispy cinnamon-flavored confections from Kyoto. I’ve never tried them, but I do love cinnamon! And that’s a flavor we haven’t seen in a KitKat yet, so I was excited. I’d had no clue what these were when I first pulled them out of the box, so I’d left them for the end. I’m glad I did, because they’re a really nice way to end the tour of the motherlode we started over a year ago.

The bars are coated in a pale yellow white chocolate covering, speckled with brown. An inviting cinnamon aroma wafts from the wrapper, and biting into them delivers on that promise in a big way. The flavor has a real punch, kind of like chewing on a handful of red hots: not super-spicy, but definitely more than the mild hints of cinnamon I was expecting. And those little flecks? Something like flakes of hard cinnamon candy, which deliver additional explosions of flavor in addition to a beautiful crunch that I’d never encountered before in a KitKat. The spice is balanced perfectly by a good but not overpowering sweetness.

Fifteen minutes later, my mouth is still tingly and comfortable. Mmmm. Would definitely eat again.

Well, that’s the end. I’ll write up what appears to be a Kyoto limited edition matcha flavor, left in the box, at some point in the future, but I’m expecting it to be more or less identical to the normal matcha flavor we know and love. I do have to give a shout out to my wonderful sister-in-law, Amy, who was the Secret Santa who had this motherlode sent to my door. Thanks, sweetie! I love you! Now I’ll have to get back to doing my own legwork.

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