porn actress turned mainline


Shamelessly pilfered from Everything Burns, the ne(one)piphany zeitgeist. Surprisingly few truly bizarre search referrals, as most are clearly related to Ginger Altoids or Abinsthe or other easily remembered posts past.

But “situs inversus testicle”?

The winner for the most bizarre search has to be for the following text:

belfast may not actually be violent but it still felt creepy and had an air of suppressed mania about it

…which, interestingly, finds my little NaNoWriMo attempt of last year.

As for the seekers out there, whether your object is clementines, or “adult naughty birthday cake,” or cartoons about chow fun, or even simple solitude… I hope you find it, wherever it is.

  • Jim

    Augh! How do I delete a comment!

    Should-a said t1n6 t1n6 j4h3!

  • yukino

    Ooh, now that you've posted the search terms in this entry I can do my best to unseat you in both!

  • Jim

    I got #1 for 'ting ting jahe' and 'crazy white man'!

    That's pride you see welling up out of my crazy white lachrymal glands.

  • Loli

    Capo, do you mean inspoetica? And a side note to Kyle: You and your blank screen link had me sending panicked e-mails for rescue, you damn bear! Smooches to eggy & yuki!

  • Yeah, sorry about the testicles hit there... but I figure I have to find out which side of my body my heart is on in case I have a jammer. I thought if I can find out by playing with...

    That riot of colour and words is pretty slick... I might grab it just for a peek!

  • Louis

    Dang! That's pretty slick. I feel some pilfering coming on...

  • capodistria

    Wow! Now at #2 for Ginger Altoids!

    What's up with the prominence of Insp*et*ca in the list? Curse hir!

  • Loli

    Fast becoming compulsory reading for me. Still giggling over the 'busty' ones, and puzzled about no Reese Witherspoon hit. I'll be back in an hour to check again.

  • Eglantine

    Awesome! Google #3 for Ginger Altoids! I've stolen the zeitgeist too!

  • Jim

    I don't think it's quite accurate to say you pilfered it, really. :^)

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