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Eden: We few, we clinically depressed few.
Vanlal: This day shall gentle our condition.
Pastilla: and shall think ourselves accursed that we were not here, or were here, on a case-by-case basis.


Yatsuhashi KitKats


Yatsuhashi KitKats

Shogoin yatsuhashi are crispy cinnamon-flavored confections from Kyoto. I’ve never tried them, but I do love cinnamon! And that’s a flavor we haven’t seen in a KitKat yet, so I was excited. I’d had no clue what these were when I first pulled them out of the box, so I’d left them for the end. I’m glad I did, because they’re a really nice way to end the tour of the motherlode we started over a year ago.

The bars are coated in a pale yellow white chocolate covering, speckled with brown. An inviting cinnamon aroma wafts from the wrapper, and biting into them delivers on that promise in a big way. The flavor has a real punch, kind of like chewing on a handful of red hots: not super-spicy, but definitely more than the mild hints of cinnamon I was expecting. And those little flecks? Something like flakes of hard cinnamon candy, which deliver additional explosions of flavor in addition to a beautiful crunch that I’d never encountered before in a KitKat. The spice is balanced perfectly by a good but not overpowering sweetness.

Fifteen minutes later, my mouth is still tingly and comfortable. Mmmm. Would definitely eat again.

Well, that’s the end. I’ll write up what appears to be a Kyoto limited edition matcha flavor, left in the box, at some point in the future, but I’m expecting it to be more or less identical to the normal matcha flavor we know and love. I do have to give a shout out to my wonderful sister-in-law, Amy, who was the Secret Santa who had this motherlode sent to my door. Thanks, sweetie! I love you! Now I’ll have to get back to doing my own legwork.

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Not Going to Caption


This is probably the dirtiest thing I’ve ever posted here.



Hey! Warning! I’m assuming that, unlike me, you’ve all already seen Aliens. If not, don’t read any further, lest you be spoiled.

So. Aliens, right? Until tonight, I’d never watched it. (Call me a fake geek girl, I dare you.) I’m not sure how it is I never saw it before — I love Alien (it’s one of my all-time favorite movies), and I saw Alien 3 in the theaters when it was new. But that last might actually be the problem. The first few minutes of that movie basically told me that whatever had happened in Aliens, it didn’t matter because they took everything away quickly (and depressingly), without so much as a second thought. Also, space marines, which are not really my favorite thing ever.

Not seeing Aliens, though, that’s one of those things you need to keep a secret from people, and I accidentally let it slip. In public. I’m uncomfortable being mocked, so obviously that needed fixing. On the other hand, I don’t have any problem mocking things myself, especially ’80s movies that I don’t have any nostalgic affection for.

So! A break from Bond, so we can do:


Aliens (1986)

The most terrifying thing in Aliens so far is the idea that these suit collars might actually become a real thing:


Somehow, like a facehugger, ’90s action cinema has implanted the seeds of all its supporting actors in a single movie.

Oh, Paul Reiser. How did you ever become a romantic lead with your magic mouth that drips only lies?

Speaking of which, how did he pull of this hairstyle for thirteen years straight? And was it around this time he fronted Styx?

Yay, kickass female marines. I mean, it was 1986! YAY, KICKASS FEMALE MARINES.

There’s nothing less comforting than an android who insists he’s programmed not to kill you. Right? Right.

I’m assuming this urge to hit Bill Paxton in the face will continue undiminished. Especially since I still felt that urge in 1997.

Aside: you know, James Cameron says that he wrote the scripts for this, Rambo, and Terminator all in a space of three months. And you know what? Every minute of that shows.

I love that a girl has the biggest goddamn gun in this movie.

Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to tell them why they can’t shoot down there?

Bill Paxton. You are still annoying. But you have the best facial overacting in this movie.

Wait, how is it that this enormous ship doesn’t have any personnel on it when the marines are on away mission?

Yeah, Burke. That’s how you die.

Noooo, Vasquez!!!

This shot of the shuttle flying into the reactor complex is so cheesy. It’s Total Recall cheesy. Which — I mean, the rest of the movie managed to look pretty good, special effects-wise. Why blow it in the climax?

Oooh, there’s the money shot.

Attention Alien Queen: this is the ugliest childbirth video I’ve ever seen.

This ending is like revenge porn. (And here we bring up Rambo again.) SHOOT ALL THE THINGS WITH ALL THE THINGS.

That was a badass call, Ripley. Badass call.

I was wondering when the power lifter was going to show up. Filmmaking 101: If you show a power lifter, at some point that power lifter must lift something. Powerfully.

Oh, Bishop. You were creepy but you didn’t kill us. You’re worth at least ten Burkes in my mind.

Aaaaaand, THIS PART OF THE MOVIE STILL RUINED BY ALIEN 3. Damn it, Fox. You are banned, Alien 3. Go home.


Lays is a loaded word


Listen, I know the bag on the right is the one getting all the attention, but DILL PICKLE LAYS PEOPLE


Seattle Center Triptych

Three from Seattle Center. It’s been so long since I took photos — it’s a gladdening thing.


#1: Stargate


#2: Curvatures


#3: Smoke Break


70% Dark KitKats


70% Dark KitKats

New from England! I’ve had regular dark KitKats from Canada and semisweets from Japan, as well as a variety of dark chocolate-based novelty flavors, but this is probably the first time I’ve had a straight dark chocolate in this percentage range before. 70% is about where I like my chocolate for non-KitKat situations, so I was pretty excited to see these at our local British goods store.

(Incidentally, Dave Kim on Google+ tipped me off to the currently-running 2013 Kit Kat Chunky Champion promotion running in the U.K.. Kind of like the Lay’s flavor contest that produced this week’s sriracha potato chips, people can vote for their favorite among Mint, Coconut, Hazelnut and Chocolate Fudge. Mint! I’ve had no luck finding them here, though — Sadface.)

These are four full-size bars in a foil wrapper. After years of Japanese KitKats, I’d forgotten how big the regular bars are! The wrapping is an attractive mix of matte and dark print, and advertises that the chocolate contained within is fair trade certified. Lovely.

The bite is very firm, with a solid, but not waxy texture to the chocolate. Flavorwise, it’s a nice and strong with some bitterness (but not too much!), still generously sweet but not cloying. I really liked the rigidity of the bar, which helped reinforce that this was a strong dark chocolate. All in all, I liked these very much.

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Awesome Lays


Speaking of awesome lays (NOT A EUPHEMISM)

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