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The best thing about John Hodgman’s audiobook for More Information Than You Require is when he silently shifts gears from random fake trivia to introspection, and these bits of beauty just emerge, almost in spite of his efforts. Sure, the funny stuff is amusing, but it’s when you suddenly realize he’s distilled some universal truth from a seemingly cheap anecdote that you become aware there’s something else going on entirely. And while you’re reeling from that punch in the gut, Jonathan Coulton starts singing “The Battle of Galactica.”

So, I just heard his “Slingshot” piece from This American Life (you can listen here), and if you want that entire earlier paragraph in concentrate form (minus Coulton), well, that’s that. You’re welcome.

In other news, I just logged onto my library’s web site, clicked a button and had 1Q84 beamed to my Kindle for 21 days, for free. How cool is that? And I should probably mention here that KCLS also has the More Information audiobook for digital download, too. Which, you know. Just do it already.


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  • Dave Kim

    I can't believe you finished 1Q84 in 21 days.

    Sadly, the libraries over here don't support ebook lendings to kindles yet.

  • I didn't finish it. I haven't even started it, because I am lame and have no time management skills.

  • Alice

    Oh man, if you like Hodgman being introspective (and I really do) you are going to love his third book. The last few chapters are transcendent. Sadly no audiobook version yet though. Have you gotten to "Possible contacts with alien life" yet? That is my favorite part of the second book,

    Speaking of, I loved 1Q84 burns think it might be my new favorite Murakami, but it is very divisive so I will be especially curious what you think.

    And I guess I could be a hipster and point out I was carrying both of these things around the last time I was in Seattle... But really I am happy you are enjoying all of it at all.

  • I loved the possible contacts with alien life one. It actually seemed to tie in well with the Slingshot too. ALSO of course I remember you had both of those books! I steal all my pop culture from you, you know.

  • alice

    Burns? Stupid iPad autocomplete.

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