Adult sweetness, part two



Otona no amasa Matcha KitKats

It looks like Nestle has found a concept it likes (or maybe their customers have spoken), because not only do we add Matcha to the previously released dark and white chocolate “adult sweetness” KitKats, but also Raspberry (to be reviewed soon).

Whereas the chocolate varieties were less sweet than typical, with dark chocolate biscuits inside (instead of the usual wafers), this has what seems to be a vanilla biscuit, and tastes quite sweet — about as sweet as Matcha Latte KitKats, which is to say: a little too sweet for my liking. Like all of the adult sweetness flavors, the wrapping is very elegant, and sweet or no, these will satisfy a green tea dessert craving if you’ve got one.

Nestle appears to be skimping a little, since recent bags of minis have come with twelve individually wrapped pairs rather than thirteen. That’s sad in itself, but practically speaking, it also means I have to zoom in a little tighter when taking pictures! Boos all around.

More KitKats.

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