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This entry is totally for David, who is constantly reminding me that he’s been waiting for me to get around to these.

Otona no amasa Dark and White KitKats

So I’ve finally found the Men’s Pocky of KitKats — now with less gender stereotyping! “Otona no amasa” means “adult sweetness,” which will probably never, ever get less awkward to type. It at least definitely takes the prize for naughtiest-sounding flavor to date. One’s got a white chocolate coating, the other dark chocolate, but the common element is that between the wafers there are layers of dark chocolate cookie. It’s actually texturally very pleasant! I don’t remember the Cookies+ flavors well enough to compare, but I seem to recall they were a similar kind of thing.

The dark variety is very nice — not as bitter as the Semisweet flavor. Just a nice dark chocolate coating, but paired with the cookie layers the effect is of a very subdued sweetness and two distinct but harmonious chocolate flavors.

The coating of the white, on the other hand, seems to be the same as the standard white chocolate KitKat. However, it also pairs well with the cookie filling to create an overall, nicely balanced sweetness. I thought it was interesting to compare this flavor with the recently-sampled Cookies & Cream; despite my expectations, the coatings really didn’t have much in common other than color. That other flavor also had cookie crumbs mixed into the coating, which was a nice effect, while this one pretty much evoked straight cocoa butter rather than something more dairy-like.

And may I just say the way that the cookie part crunches in the mouth is really satisfying? Funny how a little thing like that makes these tiny bars seem so much more substantial.


Nestle seems to consider these flavors to be a thing, since I’ve seen them in all sorts of packaging: a standard box containing four full-size bars, a slightly larger box containing six mini bars, and a large bag containing twenty-six mini bars (all wrapped in pairs). Maybe these flavors will stick around for the long haul? I hope so.

Maybe in a related note, you might be able to find these locally, more easily than usual. I’ve seen them at all three Uwajimaya locations in the Seattle area, which usually don’t get any interesting KitKat flavors. So keep an eye out.

Happy, David? ♥

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  • You are evil ... 
    Now I won't sleep well untill I get some KitKat in the house ... 
    You are pure (chocolat coated) evil ^_~

  • I'll admit, I am naughty.

  • ... good thing then that I like naughty girls that fill me with lust ... *lol*

  • I actually really love your Kit Kat posts. I never knew there were so many kinds, and your analyses are insightful.

  • Oh, thank you! I always worry that they're a bit too much.

  • Ooh, thank you for this review. I really want to try these!  I've been to our local Mitsuwa recently, but they just don't carry a good selection of KitKats. :( I may have to travel up to the city to find them. Now I'm on a mission!

  • I was going to suggest Mitsuwa. That's too bad. :(

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