If anyone’s curious, yes, they do taste good! Very sharp and gingery if bitten into, or mildly spicy and reminiscent of ginger ale when sucked on.

(update 2003/03/19: the original links went stale so I’ve repointed them)

  • tina

    I have ben looking for ginger altoids and have ben told tha thy are not makeing then any more. Is there any one out there have any. And would like to sale me some. Thank You Tina

  • tina

    I woul like to know if I can get them in alaka. I have ben looking for them for a long time can some one help me. Thank you.

  • mlee

    The garlic capital of the world isn't too far from there is it? Not that there's all that much in common between the two (other than alliteration).

  • Loli

    I have yet to see them around here, but I suppose it is because I quit looking when I got on the 'Yukino giftee list'. Yay! Thank you, Yuki!!

  • Volare
  • I find it hard to believe there really was a "limited amount" manufactured. There's a Trader Joe's around the corner from where I work. I went there at lunch to grab a salad and they had not one but *two* large displays of the full range of Altoids. And the one they had the most of was Ginger. There had to be a hundred or so tins. Maybe Pasadena is like the ginger-lovin' capital of the US?

    Hm, maybe I should go into the Altoid-reselling-on-ebay business.

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