When it’s dark outside


The fourth night this week I’ve been at work past midnight, but they say it’ll all be over soon. I hope so, because I feel like I’ve been negligent in so many other facets of my life lately.

Did find the time to enjoy a dinner out with friends, at the Mojito Cafe downtown (wonderful food, frightening website), which was marvelous. Dessert was especially fine, an indescribably tasty tres leches that almost made up for the fact that it was back to work afterwards.

Teak, who will be visiting for the next week, was kind enough to gift me with one of those nifty Sideshow Weta film frame collectibles that were handed out on Trilogy Tuesday. How cool is that?

As for what the frames are: well, no you-know-who, but there’s a Moria orc, a shot of Treebeard, and something smudgy that I can’t quite make out. Two out of three ain’t bad…

  • My set was questionable compared to those my firends got at the show:

    Fellowship: Shot of mountains with clouds shrouding them

    Two Towers: Aragorn and the back of Liv's head. Looks like in the gardens of Rivendell

    Return: A waist to shoulder shot of someone (I think hobbit) pulling a beer from a wooden keg. Maybe it's Rosie.


  • Sigh. I love you-know-who.

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