Sugar shock


How long does it take to get used to the taste of Nutrasweet? I thought it would never happen, but it turns out the answer is… about two weeks. Diet Vanilla Coke seems ideal for the conversion, the sweetness of the “vanilla” flavoring nicely opposing the artificially tart aftertaste of aspartame. I don’t need that anymore, either! A month in and I even like the taste of Diet Pepsi.

Last Friday, over a fabulous Korean lunch, Eglantine and I dissolved the hated sugar avoidance pact. It wasn’t having the desired effect of good health, and the danger of cold turkey was the possibility of catastrophic relapse. I was good, though, and didn’t completely fall off the wagon until yesterday, when a coworker brought TWO POUNDS of Skittles (among other treats) into work.

Skittles were my childhood vice. You can guess the rest.

After a month without candy, only a little bit can go a long way towards making one feel queasy, and I had more than a little! But there was one good outcome: I’m not going to have any desire to eat candy for at least another month, and likely more.

One other thing: Blue Sour Starburst “candies” are among the most horrible things I’ve ever tasted. If I wanted something to remind me of Beefaroni (and I can’t say that I do), I’d buy Chef Boyardee.

Speaking of odd taste associations, the reason I stopped drinking Diet Vanilla Coke was that it was starting to taste like cucumber(!) to me.

  • Eeeeeww! Nutra-Sweet and my taste buds just do not get along. That other stuff, either. (Saccarine? The blue-packet and the pink-packet stuff.) They're also, like, neurotoxins or something. Eat fruit, drink non-diet soda. Next year they'll discover that processed sugar is actually good for you...

  • Loli

    Oh, for heaven's sake! I got all wrapped up in the sugar thing, I forgot the reason I was commenting in the first place - the Reese Witherspoon grudge. Maybe you could get Achtung Baby to team up with Kevin Smith...A yodelling superhero and Silent Bob. Somehow, it fits.

  • Loli

    Keep fruit on hand for the immediate sugar cravings, up the protein in your diet, and stop the caffeine. Only then will the sugar monkey get off your back. I speak from experience, Yuki.

  • yukino

    I know! I noticed those in the coolers and bemoaned the sugar pact. Guess what I sampled in between mouthfuls of Skittles?

    (guilty look)

  • rosebaby

    i *like* the idea of cucumber soda! the fact that talking rain ginger ale is in the fridges now is going to be end of me.

  • freesia

    drink the Diet Dr. Pepper, Yuki. You can DO it now.

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