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Ever since the ice storm a few weeks ago, I’ve been noticing that every time I notice that a car is puttering unreasonably slowly (e.g. 5-10 mph below the limit in the left lane) on the freeway, it’s an SUV. It’s as if the collective ownership of these vehicles in the Seattle area faced their own mortality and realized that four-wheel drive can’t compensate for driving like an idiot when there’s a sheet of solid ice on the roadway. If so, good for them.

My own poor little car has sprung a leak in the trunk, and with the near-constant rain of late I found a lot of soggy casualties in there, including but not limited to:

  • my well-loved and now-lamented sky guide, which I’ve had since I was fifteen.
  • The Rough Guide to Peru. Hiking the Inca Trail was supposed to be the next big thing after Egypt. What with 9/11 and other not-so-good events in 2001, never happened.
  • An Heraldic Alphabet. Bought on a whim, stowed away for a future puzzle hunt.
  • A sweatshirt from college show choir and some old blankets. May be salvageable but currently smell of mildew — ack!

I love my little Altima, but here’s one more sign that our love affair may be reaching an end. *snif*

  • New car! New car! New car! New car! New car! New car!

  • teak

    Z... Z... Z... Z... Z...

    (Go for the trifecta! It's your destiny....)

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