Aw, shucks…


I learned to shuck oysters last night!

The occasion: a fabulously decadent dinner party hosted by OG, with Rav in tow to complete the oyster-head trifecta. Between the three of us, we polished off roughly three dozen raw Kushi and Quilcene oysters, accompanied by homemade ponzu, oroshi & chopped spring onions. Wine and improvised bruschetta completed the menu — a feast worthy of poetry!

Shucking seems really difficult for beginners (especially the Quilcenes, tough little guys!) and we didn’t have proper knives for the job, so there were a few sore muscles and blade-related close calls. Overall, though, it was loads of fun, and the food! The food was worth every effort!

I would have taken some absolutely luscious photographs, but it appears that my digital camera has given up the ghost. Alas!

I have a grudge against Reese Witherspoon. She had the nerve to appear in a dream (as my nemesis, a rival gang leader), in which each of our gangs was trying to nick fighter planes from the US Air Force. Big Air Force, plenty of planes to go around, right? But no! Reese — that conniving bitch — played dirty and not only tricked us out of three stealth bombers but got me & my crew arrested and thrown in the clink! Meanwhile, she’s undetectable by radar!

And to think, I actually liked The Importance of Being Earnest! Ingrate.

Happy birthdays to (today!) cindy, to (tomorrow!) janjan, and to (Sunday!) sonya! Happy Happy!

  • mlee

    Raw oysters rock. Come to think of it, we haven't had oysters the past several times I've been to Seattle.

  • I love oysters but I always get splinters and shrads of the shells mixed in when I open them.

  • Loli

    Oysters are yummy, dead digicam is yucky. Now Reese is yangy? - yikes! Perhaps the dream was oyster induced?

  • Thank you, sugarpie.

  • "I told you we should have served cake instead of oysters!"

  • j

    Yummmmmm. Did you find out how to prepare them too so you can come to our house to do so?

  • I am so sorry to hear of the demise of your digicam. What comes next?

    Glad you got indoctrinated to the Way of the Oyster, though. Tried Oysters Rockefeller yet?

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