Please take the eggs with you, Jasmine


Three small items:

1. This blog: still flitting between awkward-looking and unspeakably ugly to my eyes. I’m not sure how or when it is that my brain “snaps” and suddenly the world looks different, but it seems to have happened again. Clearly, something will have to give soon. Did fix a little self-inflicted Typekey problem, so if you tried to comment with Typekey but couldn’t, you can now (again). Lo siento!

2. Still sick with absurd cold from frozen weekend in Las Vegas(!). I’ve come to suspect that this affliction and all (too often, conspicuously often!) others of the past few months may in fact be a single, lingering condition. And then, the unavoidable thought that perhaps illness is written in my genes and this thing goes all the way back. Prevailing mood of unhealth & pessimism.

3. Really, this should be #1, because triumph in the kitchen makes me happy, and best to lead off with happy. Made posole last night with a mess of hominy and pork, and I think quite a success for a first attempt (not to get too big-headed about it). Yum! More things should be made with hominy! Anyone have recipes to share?

Saw Cirque du Soleil, as mentioned below — my first ever. I can’t begin to describe how amazing it was! I understand that , which is still in previews, is quite unlike any of their previous shows, with a strong narrative (and narration, as well) de-emphasizing traditional cirque aspects of production. Several scenes, including an elaborate set-piece of a ship adrift on stormy waters, and a chase scene set on a “mountain” stage continuously rotating in three dimensions, were just mind-bogglingly brilliant in conception. The fusion of story, special effects, martial arts, acrobatics, design and music was just completely absorbing. Especially the design! I really wanted to get one of those elaborate cirque mask/headdresses in the gift shop afterwards — at least until I saw the prices! Sadly, not even the soundtrack will be available until 2006, according to the show staff, although it does make the question of how you should experience KÀ very easy: go see it, silly!

Speaking of gloriously audacious visual design: learned my friend J. is possibly the only other person on Earth besides me who loves Julie Taymor’s Titus! Taking this as some small comfort after years of unsuccessfully trying to get anyone to watch it with me.

  • Anonymous

    I came here not to praise Titus but to praise Posole. I grew up on that stuff. Totally delicious. Especially when you put lots of onions and cilantro on top and squeeze in a lemon. You can get it at a few mexican dives here in San Francisco, accompanied by Tamales and Champurrado like my grandmother used to make for us all the time.

  • I loved Titus too. I happened upon it on TV one night and sat transfixed throughout the whole movie :)

  • Aster

    Having just wrestled with a blog redesign myself and ending up mostly satisfied with the end result, allow me to say that I think the current design is quite nice, and I'm sure whatever you come up with to follow it will be wonderful as well.

  • I felt that Taymor's Titus was very strong, but definitely over-ambitious at points. The more formalized elements, rather than adding to the narrative often pulled me out of the story.

    As far as blog redesigns go, after just emerging from multiple redos and finally getting near to satisfaction, I can say the road can be arduous but well worth it in the end.

  • jet

    mmmmmmmm posole.

    mmmm Cirque du Soleil.

    blah illness.

  • Jenn

    Hee! Yay for Titus! I was going to mention that soon after the film version came out, there was a college production at H which was obviously highly influenced by Taymor which made me supremely happy. Her visual cinematography is just incredible. Someday I need to see the musical version of The Lion King, because I have heard her artistry there was amazing too.

    Oh! And the posole was indeed amazing.

  • Yay, Ellipse!

  • sue

    best add me to that list, i remember first seeing titus at a film festival here in wellington and was blown away.

  • Might I humbly suggest looking into something like a holistic solution for your lingering issue?

    An herbal approach might be just the ticket you're looking for.

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