Pristine Cacophony


Woke up rather too early due to creaking complaints from the front yard: a night’s worth of freezing rain had turned to heavy glass on daddy plum’s branches and threatened to tear the whole tangled mass apart. It wasn’t much of a fight: almost immediately, a large section of tree performed a perfect pratfall onto the snow-covered grass. A few short minutes later, another crash brought the opposite side down.

B.’s long-standing wish for the entire plum family’s eviction may finally have been granted (mother and child are as yet doing fine, though that may not be enough to save them!). Tomorrow’s job, then, will be to locate a reputable tree service. Tonight, there’s much beauty to be had. What was violently destructive moments ago has frozen again into icy stillness, and even the fallen branches glisten like crystalline webs in the street lights. It’s plenty to fire up the imagination — or at the very least, a camera:

Back to sleep! And lovely or no, I’ll be just as happy to see it all melted by the time I wake up. Doubly so if it somehow ends up having been just a dream!

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