You win, spammers

Hey, comment spammers! I hate you so much. You win.

I’ve moved comments for neon epiphany over to Disqus, even though it’s not officially supported for Movable Type 5 (But what is? Seriously) and took a lot of ugly hackery to get working. On the net upside, though, there should be plenty of sexy new features, and hopefully less spam. If you get a chance, please do try posting a comment, just to make sure everything’s still working. Also you should now get notifications when your comment is responded to.

If you’re using Disqus and MT5 and are having problems (particularly when trying to enable server-side rendering), I’ve put the contents of my mt/plugins/disqus folder as a gzipped tarball. Maybe it’ll help you out.

LET ME ITERATE: I do not know from perl. This is ham-hands.

Finally, I just watched “A Scandal in Belgravia,” the first episode of the new series of the BBC’s Sherlock. Hello, Irene Adler. LOVE. And umm, riffing on “The Hound of the Baskervilles” next Sunday? Be still my heart!


HD Hoff

During the Olympics, Comcast added Universal HD to our channel lineup, giving us the ability to watch curling in glorious high-resolution (is it just me, or is curling so the best winter sport ever?). Only slightly lower on the radar was the fact that someone’s been ponying up the cash to re-master Knight Rider episodes from original film elements so that everyone can get their Hasslehoff fix in HD with surround sound (same goes for Quantum Leap, though Scott Bakula hardly has the same mysterious allure).

Did you hear that, Lia? Hi-def Hoff!

Speaking of curling, season two of Men With Brooms director Paul Gross’ Slings and Arrows has started airing on Sundance. Like most things from Canada (e.g. dill pickle chips, BioWare, & poutine), it is goodness.

Bleah, the weather’s turned bleak again. I want to go take photos!

* sorry…

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