Jan 1, 2004 2005


2004 2004 2004 2005

Seems like I only just got around to not writing “2003” on my checks!

  • If I blink, can 2005 go away and 2006 start?


  • I think the worst problem is that every year moves faster than the last. Probably an issue of it being a smaller percentage of my age...

  • Hip hop happy New Year, Selvie Poo!

  • Happy new year! :)

  • Know that feeling. :(

  • You can start practising to write 2006 cause then you'll be used to it by the time 2005 is over ^_^

  • jet

    Checks? What are those?

    Seriously, though, I know what you mean... the year definitely went by quickly. But I write so few checks by hand now that I don't even know if that's a valid barometer anymore.

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