The Switch


Oh, and did I mention I bought a Mac? Yes! A 13 inch MacBook Air, which I won’t call adorable (because I think the 11 inch is moreso), but it certainly is lovely. I haven’t really used a Mac since my college-era PowerMac 7200, so it’s been a bit like using an alien device. It’s been fun to learn a new user experience from scratch, like being young again.

Love: the three fingered gestures, full screen mode, the way type is rendered. Yum.

Do not love: The way nothing seems to be keyboard accessible (especially Launchpad), inconsistent window navigation shortcuts, poor intra-app window management.

Though I’m going to ruin the symmetry by adding some more love things I just thought of: the way it runs silently and cool, the magnetic power plug, the instant wake-from-sleep. The trackpad.

Really? I feel like I’m home. Not even thinking of installing Windows on it — and I really like Windows. With this and the iPad 2, I’m totally the disobedient daughter. But wow, does it feel great. What took me so long?

  • Please keep updating us on your usage of your Mac. Did you keep the Command-key mapping, or did you have to remap it to control? What do you use for image editing on the Macintosh?

    Regarding keyboard access: There's Spotlight (Command+space) Not sure how LaunchPad friendly it is. And there's QuickSilver which is super popular.

  • I'm trying to "go native," so I haven't remapped anything. I did install Quicksilver, which is nice, and I have Lightroom (which I bought for Windows and is cross-platform). But I haven't really thought about doing too much heavy lifting on the laptop... yet?

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