The October ’10 KitKat Report


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Two new KitKat flavors, straight from Japan:


Wasabi KitKats

Honestly, I was hoping for a lot more from these. My first thought was that the flavor was unremarkable, but found it better with time. The wasabi is an overtone at best, initially manifesting as a kind of effervescence on the tongue before settling into a faint, familiar horseradish flavor that lingers for awhile. It’s pleasant, but very subtle — you might miss if you weren’t looking for it. Otherwise, well, it tastes a lot like sugar.


Annin Tofu KitKats

Annin tofu is not actually tofu; it’s made from almonds and agar and is known as almond jelly in Chinese cuisine. The KitKats evoke the flavor of the dessert nicely, a sweet nuttiness tempered by a creaminess which recalls the jelly.

These came in a nice display box containing twelve twin packs of candy bars. The fingers themselves were smaller than usual, maybe two-thirds the size of a normal KitKat. I really liked these!

More Japanese KitKats.

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  • pastilla

    I still want to try that wasabi KitKat so badly!

  • I do have to say the idea of it lives on in my head, long after I thought it would.

  • sjon

    I wish we had more then the single bland KitKat here.

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