Thirty pages, day 30


Day 30: And we’re done!

Here we are, much more than thirty days later, at the end of what really has felt like a long road. Still, I’m happy I did it, and even happier that I stuck the landing! I just really hope it hasn’t been too horrible seeing my unedited thoughts fly by your screen.

We end the project, and the trilogy, with my dream from last night.


16 October, 2010

I am alone at the end of the world, on a drilling platform in the Arctic which has been re-purposed for the job of storing all of the books ever written. All is silent but for the groaning of metal in the wind, but then: a shudder, a bang, an alarm sounds. I deploy the robot camera into the stacks, deep below.

Reaching the epicenter of the disturbance, I see that a shelf has overturned, books spilling out past the range of light. There it is, then: I will have to gather and read every one of them, to ensure the words haven’t been changed.

I may take a break from art for awhile, but then again, who knows? I do so want to try my hand at comics again. Hopefully the right idea happens by sooner or later. In the meantime, thanks for reading!

  • sjon

    I love the story and like the pictures.

    Please don't stop doping them once in a while.

  • lori

    HOORAY! Congratulations on completing the mission. :) (Out of all the peril, the sideways box makes me the most uneasy.)

  • davidd

    All the books ever written... and reading next to an open flame... in the proximity of, what, compressed oxygen cylinders?

    Oh, and, drifting icebergs looming outside the window?

    I love the drawing. I also love that the whole scenario is a major disaster-in-waiting!

  • I love that you caught the peril in the picture. It was an intentional easter egg. :)

  • I appreciated the individual dots, but didn't connect them the way davidd did. I love the picture even more now.

  • It was a nod to the ridiculousness of the idea that a rig in the middle of the ocean is a good place to keep books safe. :)

  • Lori

    That was my thought on reading that line. :-D

  • skywind8

    Fantastic ending. Your use of perspective has visibly improved (a lot) throughout your practice. Also people's faces and expressions have become more clean and consistent. And I'm seeing more art to the art -- that is, more emotion and mood, and less obvious technical struggle.

    Excellent process, and I'm very enthused that you shared it with us!!

  • Thank you! Self-improvement and building confidence were my two goals for this project. I'm glad it worked to some extent!

    Also, I was raised on perspective drawing and shading techniques. I really thought those were going to be the easy parts, & it was shocking how easily it seemed to fall victim to atrophy. Those are things you notice only after a few hours away from a drawing, because they should be second nature and you take it for granted. I'll have to stay conscious of that.

  • David

    Congratulations! I just love your dreams, and seeing you illustrate them is a treat. It's really inspiring, great work! Thank you.

  • This definitely won't be the end of the dream illustrations, I can pretty much guarantee that. :)

  • Congratulations on a project well done and all completed! What a gorgeous way to close it out, too!

  • pastilla

    Congratulations. So impressed!

  • Thank you! :)

  • Ambiguity alert: that's a blanket I'm wearing, not a skirt.

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