dear diary #12

dear diary,

i’m sorry it’s been so long but the hollow man was always watching me and i knew he would take you away again if he saw so today after lunch while he was sleeping i crawled inside his head and stole his eyes. then i hid them in the salt-box. shh! it’s a secret.

i took his key and we’re outside now and it’s bright and my eyes hurt. i think we’re not actually in filla-delfy-ah after all because i can see mommy’s house from here. it’s not blue like i remember and the grass is all gone but i can hear the tin cats singing inside, just like the day we found tracy in the treasure chest.

i wonder what mommy will look like this time? i hope she will be pretty and sing to me.



I love him

So. Ming Tsai is totally a contestant on The Next Iron Chef this year.

Food Network, you have my attention. For now.

And also, Alton? You look good. I approve.


Thirty pages, day 27

Day 27: way too late.

I’m sorry! I’ve had a really icky cold (which I’m still on the tail end of) and have been feeling otherwise uninspired.

Still! Last week, David pointed me at this great illustrated Monster Camp dream by Emmy Cicierega. Well, I can only fantasize about being able to draw like that, but was inspired (& definitely have some vivid dreams!), so I pulled out my dream-diaries and chose one to embellish with some truly terrible art.

3 January, 2007

As princess of a kingdom at war, I’ve been held prisoner by my father’s enemy for two years. However, in that time he & I have become very close, and I’ve fallen in love with his son. The prince, however, is concerned that my father doesn’t know him, and comes up with a hare-brained scheme to start a fight with his own father in order to be banished to my father’s castle, in the hope that a similar friendship will form between them.

I think it’s a terrible idea & try to stop him, but he is undeterred, and soon I’m accompanying him back home (he encased in blue, stone armor, packaged in a blue shipping crate). Father greets him coldly, as I knew he would, but the prince keeps saying things like, “Would you like to have a cup of tea with me for a couple hours? We could talk and get to know each other.” The dungeon’s walls are cold, damp stone. “We could sup together,” he adds, & I roll my eyes. But somehow, my father is charmed and agrees to dinner. They leave together and I just stare after them in disbelief. Men!


“We could sup together”? Who actually says something like that?




After the party.



Thirty pages, day 28

Day 28: Another one from the dream diary.


1 May, 2007

I’ve been elected to Canadian Parliament! Of course I have to arrive late, and sheepishly try to slip into a random chair, but the PM notices me & laughs.

Waving, embarrassed, I find my way to my assigned seat, which is all the way in back. My chair is abnormally high. Next to me there’s a man eating pizza, who can’t stop complaining that he got some British version of pizza, and not an American one.

Turning back, I knock my tea over onto the woman in front of me. She yells at me for ruining her “expensive lingerie.”

I offer to replace it, after work. “I should,” I say.

“Yes,” she responds, “you really should.”


Thirty pages, day 29

Day 29: Two doodles this time, two pages. One more until we’re done!


Just a face. I may have been trying to channel Kate Beaton, especially her recent series of Nancy Drew comics. I wish!


What. I’m not even sure, in fact, I know that I don’t really want to explore what this is supposed to be. Sorry about this.


The October ’10 KitKat Report

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Two new KitKat flavors, straight from Japan:


Wasabi KitKats

Honestly, I was hoping for a lot more from these. My first thought was that the flavor was unremarkable, but found it better with time. The wasabi is an overtone at best, initially manifesting as a kind of effervescence on the tongue before settling into a faint, familiar horseradish flavor that lingers for awhile. It’s pleasant, but very subtle — you might miss if you weren’t looking for it. Otherwise, well, it tastes a lot like sugar.


Annin Tofu KitKats

Annin tofu is not actually tofu; it’s made from almonds and agar and is known as almond jelly in Chinese cuisine. The KitKats evoke the flavor of the dessert nicely, a sweet nuttiness tempered by a creaminess which recalls the jelly.

These came in a nice display box containing twelve twin packs of candy bars. The fingers themselves were smaller than usual, maybe two-thirds the size of a normal KitKat. I really liked these!

More Japanese KitKats.


Thirty pages, day 30

Day 30: And we’re done!

Here we are, much more than thirty days later, at the end of what really has felt like a long road. Still, I’m happy I did it, and even happier that I stuck the landing! I just really hope it hasn’t been too horrible seeing my unedited thoughts fly by your screen.

We end the project, and the trilogy, with my dream from last night.


16 October, 2010

I am alone at the end of the world, on a drilling platform in the Arctic which has been re-purposed for the job of storing all of the books ever written. All is silent but for the groaning of metal in the wind, but then: a shudder, a bang, an alarm sounds. I deploy the robot camera into the stacks, deep below.

Reaching the epicenter of the disturbance, I see that a shelf has overturned, books spilling out past the range of light. There it is, then: I will have to gather and read every one of them, to ensure the words haven’t been changed.

I may take a break from art for awhile, but then again, who knows? I do so want to try my hand at comics again. Hopefully the right idea happens by sooner or later. In the meantime, thanks for reading!



Happily decompressing after completing Thirty Pages. Sorry for the hiatus! Are you watching Sherlock? Because you should be.

Meanwhile, I’m either #1 or #2 in the Rock Band 3 solo vocal leaderboards for all four available Lady Gaga songs. Hee!

I have absolutely no idea what this is, though:


Tomorrow is November 1, which means NaNoWriMo, and I’m still trying to decide whether or not it’s too soon to jump into the pool again.

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