Thirty pages, day 29


Day 29: Two doodles this time, two pages. One more until we’re done!


Just a face. I may have been trying to channel Kate Beaton, especially her recent series of Nancy Drew comics. I wish!


What. I’m not even sure, in fact, I know that I don’t really want to explore what this is supposed to be. Sorry about this.

  • rheza

    Wow.. its was amazing pictures you had been made. what is picture mean on the second picture? I can't imagine what was created.. anyway I'm sorry if I wasn't good in speaking English..


  • #2 reminds me of something out of Franken Fran.

  • sjon

    I like the bottom image.

    It has hints but nothing is shown. Not even what it really is. I especialy like the seemingly random wiggles. The more I look the more images I see in them. A bit like idly looking at clouds.

  • What a lovely girl, with such brightness in her eyes! I have to go back and look at all your Days of Pages.

  • I already loved the first drawing, but when I saw you invoke Kate Beaton, my esteem for you just went through the roof!

  • Lori

    Wow. I kind of want that as a huge framed poster. :-)

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