Thirty pages, day 28


Day 28: Another one from the dream diary.


1 May, 2007

I’ve been elected to Canadian Parliament! Of course I have to arrive late, and sheepishly try to slip into a random chair, but the PM notices me & laughs.

Waving, embarrassed, I find my way to my assigned seat, which is all the way in back. My chair is abnormally high. Next to me there’s a man eating pizza, who can’t stop complaining that he got some British version of pizza, and not an American one.

Turning back, I knock my tea over onto the woman in front of me. She yells at me for ruining her “expensive lingerie.”

I offer to replace it, after work. “I should,” I say.

“Yes,” she responds, “you really should.”

  • Vanlal

    I suspect the two gentlemen in the front bench are playing games on their DSes.

  • I really love this one. I'm really taken with all the expressions, especially yours. Well done!

  • This is really interesting and I really like this one.

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