Thirty pages, day 13


Day 13: an unlucky number.


What I was really trying to draw tonight fell through too horribly for words, but since there’s no crying in baseball, I started a little scribble on the side of the page. That’s all I have for you. I kind of dig her hair, but overall, boo.

Are these working for you? Is there a subject I’ve done that you’d like me to riff on a little more? Am feeling a bit withered on the vine.

  • lori

    Seriously, round the nose just a bit, it's not a crisis and not a disaster!!

  • sjon

    Her nose is a bit off but for the rest she loos just like a girl I new.

  • Vanlal

    It's more interesting. Less structured. Perhaps a path to pursue?

  • Oh, what a disaster.

  • lori

    Maybe soften the nose a bit?

  • Vanlal

    This reminds me of a Second Life avatar. Perhaps you should play with this a bit? Go wild.

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