Thirty pages, day 12


Day 12: back to the grind.


Trying for more of a cartoony style this time, in light of yesterday’s visit to the uncanny valley. More than one person, too, though I’ll leave it to you to decide on the narrative I’m trying to create.

Not sure why the coffee theme keeps reappearing, especially since I don’t drink at all. I think it’s because I idealize coffee drinkers, which may be a reason why I find myself in coffee shops all the time (ordering a venti iced green tea, mind you). This may also be the reason I own a coffee maker that’s never been used.

  • Your use of 'uncanny valley' made me laugh :)

    I also idolize coffee drinkers ( im' trying to become one but it's a whole new world of flavours and types )

  • sjon

    The talk is, obviously about the single donut ...

    BTW you can use a coffee maker to make tea ... though probably not for a delicate green tea.

  • Something about her right thigh meeting her knee kind of... rubs me the wrong way. (sorry)

    I have always enjoyed coffee but I think my real love developed after I started reading Murakami, where one of the reliable traits of his protagonists are always that they drink their coffee black. I also believe you can appreciate the smell of freshly ground coffee even if you do not drink it.

  • Knee, right, hoping no-one would notice that! Um, I'm going to play my cartoon card here. :)

    I find the smell of fresh-ground coffee a little overpowering mostly, but there are times I can appreciate it. Especially when it's getting cold out!

  • lori

    The guy is not harrypotterish! Yay, you! :)

  • Vanlal

    Keep it up. You're inspiring us.

  • Thanks. I lose sight of my motivation sometimes, but hearing it from you makes it all better. :-)

  • Lori

    Yay! ...OH god, son't read my comment on the latest one!

  • sjon

    Please don't stop. (heart)

  • I agree - you're doing amazingly. :-)

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