Thirty pages, day 14


Day 14: desperate measures call for fan art.


This is clearly where not using photographic references will bite you. Oh, well — as if their faces were the problem!

I’ve been watching a lot of Bones lately. It’s not high art, and the science can be painfully bad at times, but the characterizations and humor are surprisingly addictive. It also helps that it’s on Netflix instant watch! I’m especially in love with the always-changing relationship between Booth and Brennan, although I’m not sure how I feel about some of the turns it took during the fifth season. We’ll see what happens when new episodes start airing (soon, I hope).

Anyway! There’s your backstory. Hopefully that distracts you from how awful today’s sketch turned out.

  • sjon

    A bit late on the crime scene I think ...

  • If you watch the show you'll know that Bones only deals with... bones. :)

  • It just keeps going downhill, doesn't it?

  • Lori

    How are you concluding that, sis?

  • I think it may just be Booth's left arm. There's something seriously wrong with it, but it's right where my eye lands.

  • Lori

    Maybe because it's pressed against his body? He is tense though, so I think it fits the expression. Exasperation. :)

  • pastilla


  • lori

    Wow! You pretty much nailed Booth - his set jaw and that forehead thing he does; and congrats on the hands!

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