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If you’re using Brad Choate’s Tags plugin and MT3.2, you might have noticed that the alternate “edit entry” template provided by the plugin leaves you with an outdated MT3.1x-era interface — without hotkeys, a working tab order, and the fancy management pages for comments & trackbacks. With apologies to Brad, I’ve hacked together a version of the template that uses the MT3.2 template as a basis and adds the plugin behavior back in. Just in case anyone else has had the same problem, here it is:

To use, just overwrite the edit_entry.tmpl file in your path-to-mt/exttmpl/cms/ directory, or wherever you placed the file included with the original plugin package. And please don’t do this unless you’re running MT3.2, because, well, it won’t do good things for you…

Something you might want to look at if you use TypeKey on your blog — I’ve also noticed that the new individual entry template produces pages that load complete & immediately, unlike the old one, which stalls before loading the comment form (because it blocks on a call to mt-comments.cgi). So that might be reason enough to look into upgrading your templates along with your installation.

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  • That's not very specific. What couldn't you get to work? The tags plugin itself? Or just my template?

    The template by itself won't be enough to do anything -- this is meant as a fix for a problem in the plugin.

  • For some reason I can't get any of that to work, any links to some good instructions on the easist way to impliment the tags - similar to how you have it?

  • Thanks, just what I needed!

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