B. bought me a membership in the Harry and David Fruit-of-the-Month Club, and the first shipment (a box of “Oregold” peaches, very buttery and tasty) was waiting for me when I pulled back into Seattle tonight.

New laptop is supposed to ship tomorrow.

Lonely, tired, and pretty sick, but things are looking up.

The nutshell view, because sleep can only be a good thing:

Highlighty: Chat ‘n’ Chew. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Dim sum. Tripe, tripe, tripe. Old friends. TLC.

Less highlighty: Getting sick. Incompetent Staples cashiers. Heat. Having to leave.

Also, the following snippet of conversation, to a trainee bus driver from her mentor, as we were being shuttled from our flight to the main terminal:

See that plane coming in? That’s the kind of thing you have to watch out for.

  • Basically the model I was looking at in my 8/25 entry. Supposedly it'll arrive Wednesday!

    This is fortuitous timing because my laptop keyboard is on the fritz again -- this time, it's inserting random spaces into what I type.

  • What kind of laptop? We demand details.

  • d00d, you didn't say you were at the Ice Cream Factory. That place r0><0r!

    Makin' me all nostalgic for the old digs now. Sigh!

  • mpd

    But we enjoyed having you in NYC!

  • Welcome back, Y. We missed ya.

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