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  • Having used Wordpress for almost two years now, I would recommend finding something else. It is over-engineered and a pain to work with at length.

    I have been meaning to get the new Hikaru Utada album as well, I found that I enjoyed her last one way more than I was expecting.

  • Oh! That's disheartening. Everyone always recommends dreamhost. Maybe I should switch over.

    Love Station's in the mail. Mmm.

  • Love Station, eh? Perhaps I should hold on to this other copy of Heart Station that's arrived since clearly you are not expecting it. ;)

  • Wah!

  • Actually there are two things here. Wordpress as blogging software, I do not recommend, but Dreamhost as a hosting provider I am hesitant to recommend as well (or at least with the caveat that you get what you pay for at $10 a month).

  • lia

    you know, if you haven't figured the whole hosting thing out yet, i have a shit ton of space on dreamhost, and would be more than happy to make you an account—you can totally install mt fairly easily, or i could just do it for you and then let you tinker away on your own.

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