Do they have WiFI in Hy Brasil?


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Video support at has been turned on at flickr,\n which apparently means we've plunged headlong into the end times. That's the impression you get from the mass freakout that's \nensued since, at least. People who are apparently afraid that it'll myspace-ize the community\n are spamming forums with banner gifs and (good grief) lolcats. Seriously? My irony robot just erased itself and moved someplace warm, without internet.


In other news, so very, very busy. Between getting ready for the big \nmove and work and ignoring my taxes (eep), I've barely had time to \nbreathe, much less write... and definitely not enough to watch the new Sense and Sensibility mini, which I've been looking forward to for, well, it seems forever. Been taking Promethea\n in ten-page increments, just slowly enough for the library to alert me of the next volume's arrival, just when I need it, and after that there's Persepolis... Beg apologies for the fragmented update, but I'm awash in every luxury but time.


My thoughts with you and yours, Romy. Godspeed.

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