Do they have WiFI in Hy Brasil?


  • You may remember the giant freakout they had when they announced that Yahoo! acquired the company, and the giant freakout they had when they both announced and forced users to migrate to using a Yahoo! login, and the giant freak out over the 75 tags/photo and 1000 contacts limit. As an old timer, you probably have the best sense if Flickr is dead to you and totally crushed by evil corporate interests out to steal your photos and sell them on coffee mugs.

    I was just happy to upload my Japan Nite videos which I had never bothered before.

  • I'm totally remembering the Yahoo! freakout, which is why I think this is so silly. I mean, is there reason to believe they'll screw everything up? I don't think so.

    But wait, what 1000 contacts limit? Am I grandmothered in?

  • Whoops, it is 3000 contacts. The thread with the general freaking out (and there was quite a bit of it) is here.

  • The guy with 19,000 contacts? Yeah. Obviously likes to hear himself speak.

  • metagnat

    I think this post is the reason I've been signing snatches of "they've got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil" all morning.

    For the record, Joev has been on a lesser-traveled Hawaiian island called Molokai most of the week where there's barely cell phone service. I wonder if the wifi is similarly sparse...you wouldn't even have to leave the country.

  • Eden

    Moloka'i! Wanted to go there -- it sits so invitingly on the horizon from the shores of Ka'anapali...

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