re: redux


Yay! I’ve been upgraded, thanks to Jim!

Funny thing is, my mind was full of ideas for my first post last night, when I had no idea whether I’d ever be upgraded to a standard account. Now, though, my mind’s a complete blank. Recalling a night full of bizarre dreams whose details have left me behind, I suppose, like the anonymous narrator in Hard-Boiled Wonderland, I’ve allowed all of it to dissipate into thin air.

Still! I’ll find something to write about here. if nothing else, I’m really in love with the user interface for writing posts. we’ll see how it goes.

  • I too have all these fantastic ideas.. that is, until it comes time to actually write them down.

    Have a good time in China! Hope we get to see some pictures and hear about your travels. :)

  • ello

  • ello yourself!

  • yay! now i have some reason to actually use my starter account over here -- someone to say hi to.


  • hi! lovely that you're here. :)

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