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Vox (the new project from the folks behind TypePad, Moveable Type and LiveJournal) looks really neat, to the point that I think I would move over there on a trial basis if I ever got the ability to post. Not that I’ve done a very good job here! But I’m a sucker for new toys.

Finished Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World — read the last page over a plate of homemade loco moco, yum — and as the unnamed stranger who bought me the book noted, it is a hell of a novel. Thank you!

Off to China for three weeks very, very soon. I hear the weather is awful this time of year! Fretting over packing.

  • Yuck! That's how I always end up getting a cold in tropical places. Hawaii, Egypt, it's a long and laughable list of improbability.

  • pastilla

    While you are packing gear for super-hot weather and torrential downpours, don't forget a sweater.

    Sometimes the air-conditioning is cranked so high, August in a Chinese hotel is like November in Seattle.

  • I think I misspoke! I have no idea what audience Vox is targeted at -- what I really meant is that it's been seeded by those types of people (much as flickr, though it has grown to be more universal, was initially populated by the same kind of crowd). And though nobody knows where it might go, that seeding may influence the form Vox eventually assumes. That really intrigues me.

  • "...targeted at art-and-invention types?"

    Interesting. Not what I got out of it, not what TechCrunch got either. They write, "Vox is half a blogging platform for newbies ... and half social network. ... This is aimed squarely at MSN Spaces and AIM Pages."

    But I am interested in it, too. What's this about "upgraded to a standard account?" I've been on their list for weeks have have heard nothing!

  • Absolutely on the DSLR -- I was shocked to realize my last time over there that just about every Chinese tourist I met had a nicer (or at least newer) camera than I did :-( And if you want to see some nice gear, take a look at a few shots from the last Flickr Beijing Meetup...

    Makes my little CoolPix look a little sad by comparison...

  • Hong Kong, and a guided tour around the mainland. I am ashamed to say I haven't really looked at the itinerary yet! But Beijing and Shanghai are definitely on the list.

    Am I okay to take my DSLR there?

  • The weather can be terrible over there this time of year, depending on where you are: hot, humid and hazy with nary a breeze to be felt (particularly in Beijing). But still, China! I am so excited to see your photos. Where are you planning to go while you're there?

  • Sorry about the lack of submit button- now fixed... been ignoring my blog site for a while, learning ruby on rails and trying to study for the bar has been taking up a lot of time... Plus given I am thinking about migrating from Textpattern which is pretty stagnant nowadays.

    I set up a test Typo install and it is really in amazing shape for being such an early release. If you come across an invite for Vox, please pass one on to me!

  • I don't really have a server that I think will run AJAX-y goodness with any kind of grace, unfortunately. Also, I really like the idea of the livejournal single-login and access control for entries, but really didn't care for the feel of the community, if that makes sense. Vox is like livejournal for the flickr set, targeted at art-and-invention types. Or something! We'll see how it pans out.

    If only I could figure out how to get upgraded to a standard account!

    (FYI, akatsuki, your comment forms seem to be missing a "post" button??)

  • I am so very interested in Vox, but the lack of being able to personalize your theme does remove the interest for me. I am really torn between waiting to hopefully get a Vox invite or just setting up Typo which has a lot of the AJAX-y niceness that I makes life easier. Plus ruby on rails is relatively easy to hack into shape....

    I think the advantages of social networking are huge if properly done, but I would prefer a decentralized solution, involving FOAF or something similar personally.

    Typo is also reportedly a bit slow on the backend, but I am sure that will scale up, and I would ideally like some sort of ad-free version that wasn't too expensive.

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