New Year’s Day


So it’s only three months later, but we’re now on MovableType 3.1.

As for everything else, well… Long story.

The election happened, and we all know how that went. I was too upset to write much of anything for a bit, and of course my computer chose that moment to expire spectacularly (no kidding, sparks and all!). No chance to blog or novelize as a result, yuck… and you know I have a hard time reading blogs when I’m not updating, so apologies to those I’ve lost track of for the past couple months.

Anyways, neon e’s back now & cuter than ever, plus a brand new computer for the new year. There’s lots to catch up on, and some tweaks to do, so hold on to your hats!

  • ER

    Lovely lovely, I'll come visit more often, and welcome back to the land of the ... something or other. I, too, was too discouraged after "the election" to write, and ceased my NaNo for 9 days but eventually plunged back in to the dark side and reached 50K with a day to spare. Go for '05. (hugs)

  • rothko=matthew [from now on]

    my hat blew off before i read your warning

  • All we can hope for is better things this year. I'm glad you're back :)

  • Happy New Year!

    Missed you awfully, yuki/sel.

    Don't do that to us again!

  • Welcome back among the living.

    And a happy new year.

  • You're still the original and still the best.

    Welcome back indeed. We've missed you. And methinks it's better than ever.

  • Yay! Welcome back!

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