Happy new year!


Happy new year!

One year from now, I would like to be able to say the following things:

“In 2003, I started doing yoga regularly. I took advantage of that health club membership. I avoided processed sugars, lactose, and high-purine foods, and even cooked a surprising amount. I was able to save money. I started painting again, read at least two books per month, and wrote… whenever I possibly could. Above all, I kept those I love close to my heart and my ear.”

Looking at Geegaw today makes me want desperately to add a complete site redesign to that list. Someday I’ll be pretty, oh yes I will!

ne(one)piphany’s birthday and the new year are so close together (1/1 vs 1/19) that I will delay any dwelling on 2002 to that date, and keep my thoughts focused for now on the future. I hope that this year finds everyone happier, healthier and wiser than the last!

Three days now into avoiding processed sugars, and feel great so far. Have been eating an extraordinary number of fruits: asian pears, clementines, persimmons… Finding that cravings have been minimal, so I think I can do this; granted, the final verdict will have to come after I’ve left the land of home cooking.

Further explorations have uncovered: Viagra wall clock (with blue overlay to indicate “expiration” of effect), Viagra stopwatch, Viagra desk pens — recurring themes abound! — also, two squeezy hearts, advertising different medications.

Also visited the dusty graveyard of schlocky fantasy in the basement for easy reading fodder, and am now determined to ship the whole kit and kaboodle to Seattle at the earliest opportunity. For now, though, a dozen volumes or so go into the luggage (as well as a copy of Haroun and the Sea of Stories). Somehow this has all made me serenely happy!

  • mlee

    Happy new year, friend.

  • loli

    I know you can do it. So do you, sweetie. ~+~positive~vibes~+~

  • Louis

    Viagra clock with blue countdown timer?? Hrmmm.

    "Hurry up, Mama! Enough foreplay, ma time's almost up!"

  • Eglantine

    Lovely resolutions . . . hey, I hope you have a terrific new year (again).

    Am I the only one who finds the implications of a Viagra stopwatch a little anxiety-provoking?

    I'm still having sugar withdrawal cravings but I had a Red Bartlett and a Bosc pear yesterday (yum) and I have been feeling better too . . .

    Can't wait to see your recap of 2002! :)

  • Happy ~this~ year.

  • rosebaby

    happy persimmon, or happy pomegranite. or happy new year.

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