Nothing drains my blogging momentum like having to deal with comment spam, and there’s just been an absolute deluge lately, as spammers seem to have found ways to circumvent SpamLookup’s junk filter. Thankfully, most of them are still getting moderated due to the URL limit, but it’s still getting old — I’ve probably had to delete five hundred or so in the last four days.

I’m holding out hope for a near-term solution from Six Apart or somebody. Anybody! I love getting comments, but beyond a certain point it can’t be worth it.

And also, I need reasons to like blogging again, or I end up doing things like watching America’s Next Top Model.

Which helps nobody at all. Seriously.

Anyone else get their NaNoWriMo kickoff mail? Lord help me, I think I’m actually going to try again this year.

And finally: digital SLRs. Canon or Nikon? Help!

  • I'm thinking I may have to go to a CAPTCHA-style system if this commentspam keeps going this way, yuki. I don't want to, and it would hurt, but I'm already having friends saying "I've stopped reading because of all the spam," and that's just not acceptable.

    It would be horribly inelegant here (at least any of the implementations I've seen), but perhaps there's some way you could find (or make) a more fluid, graceful "human verification" system.

    As for NaNo… I am there this year. Boy howdy, am I there. Let me know if you need a nanobuddy to help keep you on track.

  • I'd been looking at the Rebel XT for quite a while, but now I'm starting to lean towards the Nikon 70Ds -- though I do have large enough hands that it feels comfortable for me.

    One of my favorite aspects to my new job is getting to play with these toys _every day_ (though I'm not entirely sure it's making my decision much easier)!

  • (but oh so sexy)

  • I'm leaning towards the Rebel right now, but mostly because I have pretty small hands. I tried gripping the N50 and it was huge! I couldn't get my fingers around the curve of the grip. I don't even want to think about the N70s, which is bigger. The 20D was pretty bad too in that regard.

  • I've been looking at dSLRs for a long while now, and I think you just have to decide your price point and go with whatever camera hits it.

    If you're looking in the $1000 range I'd go for a D70 over the Rebel XT, and if you can afford a little more get the 20D. If you can afford a considerable amount more, wait and get the 5D when it comes out.

    I've seen but not shot with the Pentax... nice looking but I know nothing about it.

  • frolic_fandango

    The Pentax is a solid camera with a beautiful viewfinder and a nice in-the-hand feel. But you can't autofocus w/ most of the really nice K-mount lenses, while the newer AF lenses are fewer and as pricy as the Canon/Nikon offerings.

  • There's an apache directive you can use to refuse form POST requests not from your domain, I can dig it up if you think it'll help.

    Man I wish I had the money for an SLR...

  • Vanlal


    I'm tempted to dip my toe in this year though I'll die of embarrasment before I show it to anyone.


    Three months ago I'd have said, Nikon without reservations but now I can't decide. However, the Canons have a slight edge.

  • Oh, romy, I did nano in 2001 and 2002 and failed so badly. But I really want to get through the thing one of these years.

    As for Pentax, must think on it. :)

    Thsnks for the input, everyone!

  • ps trackback spam sucks. worse than comment spam.

    pps nanowrimo ... ahhh, those were the days. i did it in 2003. don't know if i could stand doing it again, or stand myself if i did it again (much less have the time, these days). but more power to you, friend.

  • pentax !!

    for all the reasons howard hansen gives, PLUS the fact that they make all their own components. PLUS the fact that my grandfather's pentax from 1956 still works and takes awesome photos. track record, yukino. :)

  • pastilla

    500? Oh, Yukino!

  • I have a love/hate relationship with my Pentax *istDS. Luckily it's love the camera/hate the name.

    It's small, light, and solid. It also uses 4xAA batteries and SD memory. I didn't need to run out and buy a proprietary backup battery or new memory cards. It's got a bright viewfinder and can use just about any K- or (with adapters) screw-mount lens from the last 30+ years.

    It's also less money than the Canon/Nikon choices. I used the savings for a couple of extra lenses on eBay and (naturally) a K-mount LensBaby!

  • sue

    i'm finiding worpress very good

    But my main issue is with trackback spam now

  • frolic_fandango

    Canon, of course. :)

  • What Michael said. They each have their lovers and their haters. Go to a store and play with a few different models and see which feels best in your hands.

    I'm a big fan of Canon, and when I went to get a DSLR, I went with the Digital Rebel mainly because I could use the lenses I already had for my Canon 35mm camera, and not just because it was a Canon.

  • I have a Canon and I love it. I have friends who have Nikons and they love them.

    The dirty secret: it really doesn't matter.

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