Project 93

So I mentioned last time that I started and failed a Project 365 this year. I actually didn’t quite clear a hundred, but even that’s farther than I expected to get so I’m reserving some pride for that. What did happen was I burnt out in a huge way, which is about normal for me — for example, I haven’t drawn a single line of art since Thirty Pages, two years ago. I’m pretty sure that’s slowly killing me, though, so I’m going to have to do something about that.

But I digress: I did get ninety-three days in, and only ever shared sixty of them on this blog, so to make up some of that lost time, I thought I’d share a small sampling of the nicer ones from that stretch.


#65: Checkmate


#66: The Wasteland


#78: Secured


#79: Circuit


#91: Lepus ex machina

And hello! Who’s suddenly Little Miss Positive? Being able to see this as an accomplishment rather than an abject failure is new and very weird for me. But I think I like it.


Refrigerant (2/365)


Well, day two. Which is already more than I expected — and with a real camera, even. There’s a café at work which is just fascinating, decor-wise, and I’d bet that thousands of people could pass through each day without noticing any of the little details & quirks at play.

I really don’t relish the idea of fixating on my workplace, but I do spend so much of my time there — making it, I suppose, somewhat inevitable. I hope not to be too tedious about it.

This will be about name-dropping.

I’ve been reconnecting with people lately, some of whom I haven’t seen in years. Just this last week: my dear Rosemary; the always-fabulous Meredith; Jill, who is ever just an absolute joy. In the past few months: meeting others for the first time (Alice, Isis, Selene), and yet others for the first time again (to be cryptic).

(I do kind of miss the days when that paragraph would have been filled with links to blogs, don’t you?)

So strange, this newly social me, thriving in spite of my natural tendencies. I can’t help but feel the hammer about to drop, but… I’m enjoying things, in the meantime. And feeling strangely young.

Oh, and one more from tonight:



Day One


If I were doing Project 365 this year, this would be day #1. Shall we pretend?

There are more from today, if you’re interested.

I’ve been realizing lately how talented I am at dividing my life into small, discrete boxes. The scary part is, I’m finding that each time I split off a part of myself, it becomes nearly impossible to re-integrate that splinter later. The part of me that used to write things like this is off living her own life elsewhere and I don’t know how to get her back. You can find her if you know where to look, but she has her own name now, and her own little living space, and — well, after tasting that kind of freedom, I don’t think she’d be the same person anymore, anyway. There are other bits of myself out there, too, like the one who’s taken many tens of thousands of photos in the last four years, FOR REAL. I know, right? You would never know.

I like to avoid thinking about the implications, which are frightening — would much rather slip away, all KitKats and snark, oblivious to my slow disintegration.

However! 2011 was kind of a strange, wondrous year, all told. I haven’t spoken much about it here — remember, boxes! — but I might just be ready to believe in the possibility of rebirth. Maybe.

Shall we pretend?



As promised, photos from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival:

[Tulip Festival]
Tulip Festival, a flickr photoset

This weekend was a bit early for tulip-watching. The show displays at Roozengaarde were pretty and full of color, but the growing fields were sparse at best. In the distance were still-brilliant yellow swaths of daffodils, which might have made for a more typical set of flower-festival photos. Still, I’ve never been one to seek out “typical,” and there were plenty of neat things to photograph after a little searching.

More to come, but for now, I hope you enjoy the photoset!


As it turns out, Myla was there at exactly the same time, and has some great photos up herself.



Well, if you’ve been paying attention to my flickr photostream at all, you’ve probably sussed out my big secret. I finally have a real camera!

[EF 50mm/f1.4]

I know some of you lovely folk just want naked facts, so:

I’ve forgotten how nice it was to hold an SLR and feel the perfect fit of grip-in-hand*, the soft whirr of focus lock & satisfying click-clack of the mirror swinging out of shutter’s way. This whole USM thing is new to me, and wow is it fast — now if I could only get anything to come out correctly focused, I’d be as pumped up as Violet Beauregarde. You’d think that would be the least of my problems.

Oh, and I love this macro lens. I could shoot with it forever, even though it’s just enormous. Thank goodness for neoprene straps.

*though I know some of you think the XT is too small, for my hands, well: mmmm

Seattle’s been in a weeks-long dry freeze, and for the first time since I’ve lived here I’ve been feeling as colorless and cold as the weather. Goodness knows I’ve my share of depression triggers, but I’ve never really thought myself susceptible to seasonal affective disorder. Still, frosted-over grass day after day is uncharacteristic for wintertime here, and maybe there are shadows of my past at play. It’s easy to forget sometimes, but all told, I’ve been very happy in my years in Seattle, while before that… maybe not so much.

But? Now that all is wet and mild and gray again, I’m finding myself really missing the frost.

Life’s funny that way.

Also, tip: rain and brand new camera don’t mix so well!



Nothing drains my blogging momentum like having to deal with comment spam, and there’s just been an absolute deluge lately, as spammers seem to have found ways to circumvent SpamLookup’s junk filter. Thankfully, most of them are still getting moderated due to the URL limit, but it’s still getting old — I’ve probably had to delete five hundred or so in the last four days.

I’m holding out hope for a near-term solution from Six Apart or somebody. Anybody! I love getting comments, but beyond a certain point it can’t be worth it.

And also, I need reasons to like blogging again, or I end up doing things like watching America’s Next Top Model.

Which helps nobody at all. Seriously.

Anyone else get their NaNoWriMo kickoff mail? Lord help me, I think I’m actually going to try again this year.

And finally: digital SLRs. Canon or Nikon? Help!


Making frites

[Making frites]

Dug this one out of the archives, where that expanse of white shirt-back kept getting in the way of any appreciation I could muster. I’m still not sure it works, but there’s just something — in her glance, or the dance reflected in hazy shadow on the spatter shield…

This was taken at Pommes Frites in Manhattan, the best place ever.

I said this in comments, but I watched the rest of the BBC Jane Eyre last night. Still so good, but St. John Rivers? Total freak!

Piling up for an Austen marathon: should I rent the BBC Northanger Abbey? Anyone seen it?

Currently in the pile:

Finally, I just discovered AustenBlog today and have spent far too much time reading it — and through it found the trailer for Focus Features’ new Pride & Prejudice. Matthew McFadyen? Keira Knightley? Sign me up, please!

And, back to Brontë: SB says I must see the 1944 Jane Eyre with Orson Welles, but it doesn’t seem to be available on disc. Sigh…

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