GNE lessons


Some random observations while playing GNE over the last couple days:

1. I have now read The Autobiography of Tom Bombadil in excess of seven hundred times. Shekel for shekel it might be the most efficient path to advancement but never again! It’s incredibly tedious stuff, and hell on the carpal tunnel.

2. I have become powerful enough to construct a cow from its constituent cuts. My god-like abilities will now allow me to not only rescue the poor creature after it’s been ground up into hamburger, but to reap much personal gain in the process.

3. Absinthe is weird and wonderful stuff, but are its benefits worth the steep price? Much like in real life, no. One can only assume the brand available in the game is the virtual equivalent to Hill’s.

4. The best parties are the impromptu kind.

5. Witness my horrifying transformation from simple laborer to heartless corporate entity! When I was a small potato, I would make money by honestly buying raw materials, creating finished products and selling them back to a retailer. Now, I’m making money hand over fist by pillaging natural resources from the forest, and repeatedly exploiting an ignorant marketplace by making them buy overhyped and underfunctional products. And it was all too easy; in the GNE world (as in life?), you can barter your conscience for money, but you’ll get more than enough to buy it back in spades.

  • Jim

    I had a dream about making fried eggs last night. The Generic Nebulation Engine is getting to me, I think.

    If I start to dream about making red paper, I'll seek professional help.

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