Oh god


Oh god, I’m such a tool.

  • Vanlal

    A tool?! I should hope not.

    I dropped one on my toes this morning and we are not on talking terms anymore. :(

    BTW The phone's very nice. I should get something like that. I'm all thumbs.

  • This. And romy: No, I've never watched. Though I do admit to watching America's Next Top Model on more than one occasion.

  • freesia

    Whaddid you get? Whaddid you get?

  • lediva

    I'm tempted to give up Verizon and switch to Sprint to engage in mutual toolness.

    Let me know what you think of it. :)

  • Aren't we all? ^^

  • No problem, it's all geeks here and we love tools ;)

  • you bought one, didn't you.

    oh, pauvre yuki.

    we still love you.

  • pastilla

    ! ! ! ! !

  • Kallese

    I like tools that require batteries.

  • sue

    tool of wonderfulness

  • you watched the biggest loser, didn't you.

  • Kim

    What prompts this? And it's "tool of wonder"

  • Clearly she means a tool of God. Glad to hear you've seen the light, Yuki!

  • pastilla

    Tool of Vision?

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