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Looks like Canon has some juicy rebates starting on the 15th, which may seal the deal. I was just saying in comments that I’ve been leaning towards the Digital Rebel XT, mostly because my hands are a bit too small to deal with anything else — especially those Nikon grips, which are monstrous! Also, tiny is good.

Speaking of size, I’m in a bit of a quandary with the new phone. I mean, I love what it can do — love being able to text message and read blogs and check traffic on it. I’m getting frighteningly good at Bejeweled (195,000 and counting). But small it’s not, so it’s hard for li’l superficial me to bring myself to love. I have this frightening vision of convergence five years from now, when I have a computer as small as a paperback and a phone the same size, neither of which is a good story for usability. On the bright side, they’re probably just one device.

I am the future, she said, and I claim your wrists and eyes as tribute.

I take comfort that those of us with small hands will survive, I guess…

  • Any news on the acquisition front?

  • hanseth

    My phone is on the large size too, as cell phones go these days. I am comforted, however, with my sexy and shiny new Bluetooth headset, which means the phone can stay in my bag or pocket.

  • I've already lugged a 20D on a trip (ten days in Hawai'i) so I have a pretty good feel for it, which is that it was still a little big for me but nowhere near as awkward as the Nikons felt. But a friend told me something important awhile ago, which is that you're going to replace your body every couple years as you outgrow the technology, but lenses will always retain their value. So I know where I'm putting my money on this purchase.

  • I am still debating 20D vs. XT, and I have the funds for neither, but an email from a student about the photography club today and the coincidence of me running across this post referencing rebates is egging me on.

    I may be required to get the XT just due to funds, but the 20D still feels so wonderful in my hands… if you're going beyond a small point-and-pray, then you really don't need to worry about "light", since an SLR is still going to be somewhat cumbersome no matter what you do. Go to a decent store, give 'em both a runthrough, and buy the one that feels right. Frankly, your camera is too much a part of you, too much a mode of your expression to skimp or to second-guess yourself. Go with your gut, Yuki. It knows.

  • Smaller and lighter isn't good. My new camera (super cheap Trust) is too light which make keeping it still more difficult.

  • Would you be interested in a slightly used Nikon D70 and any of several lenses? Or possibly some slightly used Canon lenses for the Digital Rebel XT? 18-55 mm or 55-200 mm. Very cheap. Check out my website for examples of results. I'm in Seattle so easy enough to arrange. FYI the only reason I have your website address is because I used to know Meredith Talusan who references you on her ancient blog. There's a few pics of her on my site.

  • I'd opt for the 20D over the XT, Selv. And in either case don't get the kit lens with them if you can avoid it. Blow a little more on a decent lens.

    Going with a larger SLR camera makes a bit of sense if you think you might start snapping larger zoom lenses on it. Something like the XT feels very unbalanced when you get a heavy long lens on the front of it.

  • Ooooh, those are some nice rebates. There were similar ones when I bought my Digital Rebel, and of course got suckered in and bought a nice new lens at the same time. If you ever have any questions about the Canon cameras or lenses, just let me know!

  • lediva

    Smaller devices are great, but people also want big screens and keyboards large enough to type on comfortably... neither of which is conducive to an smaller form factor.

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