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Experimenting with Movable Type’s dynamic publishing mode. Monthly archives are now generated on-the-fly, and I can also join all the cool kids and keep tag-based archives without bogging down rebuilding. Now all I have to do is go back and tag all my old entries! I’d meant to do individual entry pages too, but so far I’m in love with too many plugins that won’t work under PHP.

Incidentally, commenting should now be somewhat faster.

In media news:

Criterion has just announced they’ll release two all-time greats on DVD: Ran and Ugetsu. The Mizoguchi is a real gem — supernatural, mysterious, and intensely sad, I haven’t seen it in years and yet it’s haunted me in some way or another ever since.

Have actually been enjoying (non-Katrina-related) television recently: Slings and Arrows on Sundance, very Canadian, really good (and lord knows I have a thing for Paul Gross); Rome on HBO is right up my historical alley, and I’m also enjoying the slew of tie-in documentaries on History Channel; Transgeneration will be airing on Sundance starting September 20.

Books keep rolling in from the library, god bless: Kare Kano in English (it is my blog namesake, after all), Spring Snow, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Never Let Me Go. Clearly something has gone terribly wrong and I’ve had to put a freeze on my holds, as I despair of finishing these all in time…

  • Mmm, can't wait to start. I'm reading Howl's Moving Castle at the moment, after which I'll be able to attend to the new stuff.

  • I just finished Spring Snow a month or so ago. It's a wonderful, sometimes dream-like, book.

  • matthew

    hi. yes. Atom and RSS both work again.

  • matthew: one more try? I really think I have it now.


    Sorry about all this, I don't mean to be such a bother.

    romy: Bloglines! It's so great!

  • that is, btw, an excellent cover for kare kano. i love the torque as she gets ready to counter-punch !

  • i still haven't figured out RSS - not just for your site but for any of them. give me another couple years ...

    have fun tagging. :)

  • matthew

    Atom and RSS "live bookmark feed failed to load". I do get that error message from some other sites, so it could be my problem; but it is beyond non-geek me (and your feed did work for me previous to today).

  • I think I've fixed it -- seems the redirects to feedburner got nuked by the dynamic publishing goo. Let me know if it's still not working for you!

  • matthew

    Hi. Atom gives me "on demand media". RSS1 & 2 give me "All about Katamari". As far as I can tell RSS works on my other bookmarks.

  • Weird. Is it still that way? http://feeds.feedburner.com/neonepiphany seems to be showing the right thing...

  • matthew

    Your RSS feed seems to have taken a leap back in time to March 2005 [Firefox running on Linux].

  • I've heard good things about The Time Traveller's Wife.

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