Fretwork and synaesthesia

[Nails on bones]

I just realized that for about three months now, I’ve stuck to a pretty good average of one post every two days. Not being a very inspired writer — or rather, being the kind of person who frets nervously for hours at the keyboard for every single sentence produced — that comes as a total surprise to me. I never realized how much work that kind of output requires! I have no idea how all of you superstars do it!

At any rate, I’m in a full-on fret right now, so please, please let me know if you think the quality’s gone down over that time. Because, you know, I still want to be interesting.

But I guess I’m in self-evaluation mode anyway, since it’s annual review time at work — the absolutely worst time of year for the insecure.

On the bright side, I shook Hélène Grimaud’s hand yesterday. I wonder if she saw colors? Because I know I did!

  • Kiyda

    hey, i'm trying to find that song, Pure Imagination, too. it's been stuck in my head for about a month now. have you found it???

  • Thank you again...

    ...and Louis, please do!

  • Hmm. Makes me want to pledge to read and comment just as regularly. :) If not a partnership, then something like a walkathon pledge drive. For every mile we walk in your shoes, I'll give you my two cents. :)

  • If you ever doubt yourself, scan your blog comments and see how many people you have touched.

  • Brava, Yuki! It's all as lovely and enjoyable as ever.

  • Your quality has, if anything, increased.

    We salute you, yukino, as we ever have, as we do now, and as (I have confidence) we shall continue to in the future.

  • Thanks, everyone -- you actually made me cry.

    I'll try to keep it up. Promise.

  • shadows

    Your posts are always brilliant. My favorite moments in my lackluster days are when I open up your page and discover a new post. :)

  • matthew

    In the immortal words of Quentin Crisp: "Don't keep up with the Joneses, drag them down to your level."

  • sue

    whenever you post, it's always a delight to read, and the same can be said of your images.

    with both i never know what to expect or what tehem you may be musing on, it's all incredibly enjoyable

  • hong

    It is good to know that you have to work hard to get theses sentences out, so I could go and struggle with mine. So what if you stay in the same style, and so what if you changed style. Your pieces always take me to places where I haven't been before.

    BTW, I am still working on the comments part. -:)

  • You don't need to worry about the quality of your writing, not even a little bit. It's very beautiful and full of feeling. I really liked your last post A death by inches , i can only wish i was as good as you with my writing :)

  • pastilla

    There is a tremendous amount of thought and sensitivity behind your writing (and everything else). So very unique and interesting! As Bill said, "don't change a thing."

    Thanks for the link about Hélčne Grimaud. Another unique and interesting lady!

    Good luck with the review!

  • I feel for you regarding self-evaluation time. It's my least favorite part of the year at work. I worry about finding that right balance of bragging and self-deprecation. What will I try and improve? What was my biggest mistake the last year? Etc. Ugh!

    And the quality has been as wonderful as always. Don't change a thing! :)

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