The twenty


Sitting in the lobby of the Radisson in Japantown at one of those pay-as-you-go internet kiosks. $4 for 20 minutes doesn’t seem like such a bad deal when your jump-on-the-net session has evolved from seeing if you have new email to that plus checking in on your favorite twenty-five blogs and maybe a bit of news. Oh, and maybe a short post too.

The Denny’s in Japantown is officially the greatest Denny’s ever, because it’s probably the only place in the continental United States where you can grab spam & eggs, loco moco, and/or kimchi at two in the morning.

I had a taxi driver last night who wanted to know exactly how things “jumped” from real life into a camera. Not sure I explained very well.

This hotel has real Japanese-style baths! But no high-speed internet in the rooms. Still, soaking or surfing? It’s an easy choice.

More later — my twenty’s just about up.

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