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Jolene posted the following photo to flickr, which just about made my day:


His sign says:


Surely I cannot possibly be ill again?? But I am, I am, making it about one week per month so far this year in which I’ve managed to be sick. Spending a quarter of your life in unhealth is not just bad luck, it’s worthy of an opera heroine — there must be a way out, somehow, before I also become a Mimi, or a Violetta Valéry…

For now, I’ll load up on fruit and take comfort in NyQuil, and hopefully that way I’ll at least dream of health — in addition to the wedding dresses and lion-morphs and frozen bodies and whatever else the green will bring me this time…

  • Thanks, everyone!

    Somehow I managed to get sick again since then, a bout of nausea that lasted for a few days. And I'm currently achey at the moment, but I do feel more optimistic overall.

    *crossing fingers*

  • Get well soon Yuki! *hugs*

    Looks like a slick Guerrilla marketing campaign. The URL appears to be www[dot]respectmygangster[dot]com which redirects to www[dot]pjfmusic[dot]com.

    Anyway, as long as the homeless guy makes a buck, I guess it's karmically OK.

    Yuki's spam filter ate my last comment. :P

  • SB

    . . . also, is that a web address on that sign?

  • SB

    It is a long drag, being often ill, and I hope it stops for you soon!

  • Hope you feel better soon. I've been trying t fight off a nasty cold myself these last few days.

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