Weird dreams


I dreamed last night that four of us committed a series of brutal murders and were on the run from the law. We were eventually all tracked down and caught, after which two (not me) were experimented on and turned into lions: one male, one female. It was a slow process, and I remember a conversation with the lioness where she resigned herself to impending leonine procreation. Of course, they both eventually became real lions and were put into a zoo. Shortly thereafter, they broke out, killing a bunch of families in the process, and escaped into the wilderness. So I guess that particular program of social rehabiliation was a failure.

Nothing so weird happened to me, except that I had red hair for some reason.

  • Have you been dipping into Greek Mythology again? ;)

  • yukino

    Thanks for the recommendation, fruitbat. I'll definitely look into it. As for the Miz Sidney Bristow thing, well, yeah.

  • T.P. Camarones

    Sounds like a banging episode.

  • Ah ha! You have a secret desire to be a double agent working for the CIA, trying to take down SD-6! It's all so obvious why you had red hair.

  • So, who were your co-conspirators?

    I think your hair would look great red. I just dyed mine again last night, and it's pretty sexXxy. (Deep wine-y color. Lovely.) I'll gladly dye yours if you ever get the urge to try it ... I've dyed so many friends' hair, I'm practically a professional!

  • fruitbat

    There's a story by John Crowley about just that. Beasts. A bunch of animal/person combinations have been made and are now wandering around; what happens? The main animal/human characters are a pride of lionpeople and a foxperson. John Crowley is amazing, and it's pretty short, check it out if you get a chance. My take on it is that he envies the lack of worry that he imagines animals have, and he writes a lot about what it would be like to be in the head of an animal.


  • Jim

    That was **you**?

  • phoenix

    "I Know What You Did Last Summer, Part Seven"

  • Jet

    Yeah so don't complain to me about never having whack dreams when you're sick...

  • This is my favorite kind of dream. The sort of thing you never think your brain would think without you, and you just get to shock the shit out of yourself in the morning. Hope you feel better soon, hotpants.

  • No more drugs! Gender bending, genetics, murder and criminal rehabilitation all in one nice, neat subconscious package. w00.

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