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This is so neat! I’m posting this entry from Jet’s new cel phone, which is a Samsung Palm-powered flip phone (SPH-i500). It’s so tiny. but the browser does quite well with most web pages — I was quite surprised when it let me log into Movable Type. I’d better be careful, because this could get addictive.

But wow, is my Grafitti rusty. And no links, cause I can’t figure out how to enter angle brackets!

  • yukino

    I think it was called Blazer or BlazeBrowser or something? Can't remember for sure, but it was similar to that.

  • You can always hit the button that brings up the keyoard that you can tap out letters and numbers to enter the brackets.

    But, yeah, posting from a smartphone would be pretty damn cool. I need to get that Palm Bluetooth driver for my Nokia installed so I can use my new mobile as a modem. Do you happen to know which browser Jet has on his phone?

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