Distemper’d, dispirit’d


Hyperactive sense of smell today at work, or maybe just sensory schizophrenia — I can’t imagine, for example, that anyone actually brought a huge pile of cabbage into their office this morning; nor butterscotch, lavender, dill weed… Every single part of the building seemed to be married to its own peculiarly strong aroma. I would have hoped for rose hips and citrus, but alas, my office apparently sits in cheese popcorn territory.

Attempted to escape the saturated air, but found little comfort outside. The adorable ducklings that cavort in the wetlands near our building are now motherless — mama duck was struck and killed by an automobile earlier today, her inert body deposited amid a shower of feathers, along the curb. The six toddlers were arrayed randomly around the water, oblivious to their father and he to them, all looking very lost. It was the saddest thing ever.

  • Loliinspired

    Been there with the hyperactive sense of smell. I discovered a gas leak at a hospital once because of it. Try some sliced fruit or a dryer sheet in your office. They both help to mask the other scents. I'm praying you don't have any over cologned co-workers.

    As for the baby ducks... will you feed them? You could be the new mama duck!

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