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A couple technical odds and ends:

First, I’m trying out a new spam-blocking plugin for comments and trackbacks (SpamLookup, by Brad Choate), and I’m a little paranoid about whether anyone’s having trouble commenting (because I love each and every one of you). So if you do have problems, make sure you email me [yukino at…] so I’ll know about it.

Second, I’ve replaced the list of links on the right with one automatically generated by Bloglines. Mostly, this because I’m super-lazy and never really updated it before. I really hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! Apologies in advance.

Added: Also, I’ve been using feedburner for the past few weeks to splice my flickr and blog feeds together. Is that annoying? Would anyone prefer I go back to providing a blog-only feed?


Am feeling better, lots of tea & sleep later, even if I’ve got these* staring at me, hopeful for a home. Thanks so much for the well wishes.

Oh, and Sin City! So many kinds of good, and Clive Owen too…

*oh, cute! they’ve added “cough” and “ear ache” since I got mine!

  • Alice: I've got plenty of those too! They don't keep me from getting sick but they make me feel better when I am!

    joz, darling: Shiggy! I love that name.

    SpamLookup is pretty effective, although since it has more stringent rules I'm still a little paranoid... still, it looks like most everyone who ever comments here has been able to get through at least once since I installed!

    I do wish there was some kind of notification to the commenter that their comment was blocked. Maybe in the next version!

  • Two things:

    1) Let me know what you think of Spam Lookup.

    2) My favorite giant microbe is Shigella... I call him Shiggy!

  • I want to use my bloglines stuff instead of blogrolling too, but that means I have to organize and syn them first. I never have time for that.

    I'm looking forward to renting Sin City!

  • Those are cute! I've got Japanese plush toys watching over me which really does nothing for my well being but I love them anyway.

    I like the way the RSS feed is setup, although I've only been watching since you changed it so I can't really say I like one over the other.

  • I expect good things from Sin City. B.W. is awesome.

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