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I’m so nervous about tomorrow!! You’re all going to go out and vote, right?

(Oh and NaNoWriMo started today, too)

  • SB

    I hope you have a good 2005, and I hope you come back to us during it, sometime.

  • rothko

    We crave an update!

  • nthdegx

    I do hold you personally responsible, Loli.

  • Loli

    I just want to say, as an Ohioan, I apologise, even though it is not my fault. I got up early, and drove 35 miles back to my home district to vote. Then I spent 7 hours in the rain canvassing door to door for ACT to get people out to vote. I tried, I failed, I'm sorry.

  • You chose the wrong guy! It sounds like your system in Australia was based on our system in the UK, Desi -- which makes sense historically, I suppose.

    It's as flawed as the US electoral system, though, because as with the electoral college system not all constituencies, and therefore voters, are equal. A "seat" where 1,000 people live is worth the same as a seat where 1,000,000 people live. Is it like that in Australia too?

    Time for proportional representation.

  • Yep Desi. Same basic system here in Belgium (though we are replacing the paper and crayons with screens and light-pens).

  • Yeah, Aussie land roxors!

    How could GWB win? puzzles me something cronic.

  • Here in Aussie Land we don't have any problems with voting. Voting is compulsory and done with pencils and bits of paper with checkboxes on them. Granted, the system is a lot more complex (we don't vote directly for who we want to be Prime Minister -- we vote for the people who we think should be in Parliament and then the leader of the party with the most seats in Parliament becomes PM), but we have multi-lingual instructions!

    Which is why I was puzzled for a moment when the message "Vote or Die" (or similar) kept popping up in the MTV awards and Oprah.

  • I am ashamed to admit it, but in the 13 years I have been eligible to vote I have only voted once.

    Today makes the second time I vote. This election is the first time I have been so jazzed about exercising my right to vote. Yay! Vote! Everyone!

  • Jay

    I know a lot of Canadian who would love to participate in your little election. I also know they would love to vote the son of Satan out of office.

  • Voted at 7:30 this morning, because as you said, it's What We Do...and because it matters so much this year. I rarely feel as good about this country as when I'm in that voting booth.

  • Without a doubt. I'm headed to the polls right after work!

  • No, I am not voting.

    But then I am not an American so ... ^_^

    Good luck with the NoWri part.

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