Things may not continue.

forty days, passion plays, malaise, malaise, malaise.

Hopefully by tomorrow there’ll be power at the house again. In the meantime, thanking my lucky stars that three 50-foot tall cedars chose not to fall through my roof (tho, unfortunately, this was not true in the neighbors’ case).

In light of that, smug PSE dancing lady is blackening my mood, as she struts across a dance floor utterly devoid of updates (not to say the least mention) of the sitch, twenty-plus hours in.


Entschuldigen, anyone have any experience ordering music from Germany?

  • loliinspired

    Oh joy! My heart is light & happy Yukino returns! :D Greetings, dear friend. I have missed you.

  • Hey! Welcome back! You want I should talk with my MP about sending some hydro your way?

    Get Mina to send the German tunes to you!

  • Gabe

    Oh how I've missed you. The warm embraces. The champagne cases. The rosy-cheeked faces. And some other things that don't ryme as well. Until we meet again, be well and travel safe.

  • Just so glad to see you are back!

  • teak

    you're back!

    sorry to hear about the power outage

    something very similar happened to our place last year -- a bunch of trees got knocked down after a freak wind storm, and one just missed carving our house in half but just took down a mess of wires instead

    the house across the street wasn't so lucky, and they ended up with severe house and car damage

    anyway, it took about two days to restore power to my place, and it was a real pain cleaning out the fridge afterwards


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