Il Giardino Armonico


Trying to find a way to get some calcium in my dairy-deprived life, I found myself in front of the yogurt aisle at the grocery, scooping a variety of flavors and brands into my little shopping basket. The results? Dannon was an immediate nix, after a taste-and-scan revealed an ungodly sweetening tag-team of sugar and aspartame. Though Tillamook are to be commended for having an orange creamsicle variety (and really, what foodstuff can’t be enriched by that particular flavor?), the consistency was a little too homogeneous. Yami, on the other hand — perfect. I feel a bit sheepish admitting that, after avoiding it so long on the sole basis of a horrible ad campaign.

It is delicious, though. And I could definitely eat it every day, which fulfills the calcium goal. Also, live cultures! Take that, lactose intolerance!

It’s something of a white post-Christmas here; snow’s coming down, as if in a dream it thought it was in Chicago, instead of Seattle. Wonderful to see snowmen amidst the evergreens, or the odd snow-angel, but best to see it from indoors, I think. The streets here are treacherous in snow, where no one’s used to it. Inside, it’s beautiful.

  • Miranda

    I third that. Gorgeous indeed...

  • I'll second Kyle - that's a really nice photo. In fact, it looks like it could easily be the lamppost in the middle of the woods in C.S. Lewis's Narnia books. Very evocative image!

  • That's a beautiful picture! It would make a great wintertime mix CD cover.

    Leanne likes So Good! Vanilla Soy drink. I actually like it on granola and in Chai Tea as well. Supposed to have lots of Calcium...

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